Why Lab Made Diamonds?

A piece of jewellery from Ahimsa London created with lab grown diamonds (lab made diamonds) will leave you with a proud feeling and a clear conscience. You will wear your jewellery with pride and help to spread our message “Diamonds Without The Guilt”.


The entire team here at Ahimsa London feel very passionately about cruelty and violence towards others. The same question keeps going through our minds, why did we not know about lab grown diamonds sooner?! When the founding directors of Ahimsa London (who are now happily married!) were searching for their perfect ring; they struggled to find an ethically sourced, conflict-free diamond. The thought of starting their love story with a blood diamond was something that made their spine shudder with a guilty conscience. It was when they began looking into alternative options that they came across lab grown diamonds (laboratory grown diamonds).


Initially, as with anything new they were sceptical. How can a natural diamond which takes thousands of years to form deep in the earth’s crust, be made exactly identical in a laboratory? How is it that even the most experienced jewellers, the creme de la creme, the ultimate experts in diamonds struggle to identify a lab diamond to a natural diamond. There really only is one answer, it is because there is no difference.

There is a large misconception that a certified diamond makes it ethical, it makes it blood free, it makes it acceptable to buy a naturally mined diamond. However, as shocking as it may sound, this is not the case. Obtaining a certificate does not guarantee the diamond is ethically sourced or mined. The Guardian published an article on this calling the Kimberley Process a Cover Story for Blood Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamond in UK


On average conflict diamonds have already created a death toll of 3 to 4 million innocent humans. It is about time we put a stop to this. Let us play a small part in standing up against the violence, against the diamond cartel and support humanity. Be a part of Ahimsa and avoid causing harm to others by purchasing naturally mined diamonds. Instead, invest in a piece of Ahimsa Diamond Jewellery beautifully created using the highest quality of lab grown diamonds